New Employee Wellness Program

Coastline EAP a leading provider of employee assistance programs, today announced it has partnered with Workplace Options to offer comprehensive employee wellness programs for employers.


Understanding one’s own health status is one of the single most important steps in leading a healthy life. According to the Department of Health & Human Services, for every dollar spent on health initiatives, companies save an average of three dollars on health related expenses and almost six dollars on absenteeism. Companies implementing comprehensive wellness solutions often experience a reduction in insurance claims leading to lower premiums.  


The new program offered through Coastline EAP is called “Live Well Healthy Workplace” and includes wellness web content and assessments, online coaching modules, online health risk assessment, outbound calling to high risk populations, and wellness coaching for all employees. Each program is specifically designed to meet the needs of client organizations.


The health risk assessment is a confidential online questionnaire scientifically designed to identify an employee’s health risks and provide suggestions for ways to lower those risks by making healthful lifestyle changes. Employees receive feedback in the following areas: total health; heart health; nutrition; fitness; cancer risks; stress; and safety.


“Live Well Healthy Workplace” wellness coaching connects employees with an experienced wellness coach to help create a customized and achievable wellness plan. The coaches, who have backgrounds in nutrition, exercise physiology, health education, and life coaching will work with employees individually by phone to develop personalized wellness plans. Coaches effectively assist in the following areas: weight management; smoking cessation; fitness and exercise; health self-management which involves nutrition and fitness support for a variety of conditions such as arthritis, asthma, back and neck pain, blood pressure and cholesterol.


About Workplace Options
Workplace Options (WPO) is America's largest provider of work-life services. WPO's market-leading products are recognized for their innovative Web delivery, flexibility and affordable pricing. WPO also offers network management solutions and 24/7 call center services that help EAP's run their businesses more profitably and efficiently.  



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